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 Michelle Plus Merle consists of Keiley “pronounced Key-lee” Michelle, and

Kyle “pronounced normally” Merle.

Back in time, at a place called college, Kyle saw a pretty girl walking towards him on the sidewalk. He thought, “I’d like to meet that girl,” so he waved to the pretty girl as she approached. It was a proper wave, not too eager, not too meh, it was just right. To which the pretty girl responded by ignoring him and walking by as if nobody else was around her. Kyle thought, “how rude of that girl, if she wasn’t so hot, I might be offended.” But alas; she was hot, so Kyle didn’t hold it against her. Then one day, Kyle went to eat lunch with his new employer. Kyle’s new boss informed him that they were meeting with another new employee of his, and that her name was Keiley. After finding a table Kyle looked up and saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. But he recognized her for some reason. As Keiley walked in to Shobys “before it burned to the ground,” and sat down across the table from Kyle and his new employer, it dawned on him. “This is that B$*%# that ignored me a few months back on the sidewalk,” he thought. But because of his character, he let go of any feelings of animosity that he had gotten over like months ago, towards the hot girl now sitting across the table from him. They became great friends and coworkers, and eventually; you guessed it, EVEN BETTER FRIENDS!!! Come to find out Keiley wasn’t wearing her glasses on that fateful day, and didn’t know if Kyle was waving at her or someone else, so she decided to pretend he was waving at someone else. Kyle, with his high moral character decided to forgive Keiley after learning this… again, since he had already forgiven her like twice before and was over it.

Also they got married and had some babies.

Now, switching back to first person, we really do work great with each other, we love being around each other and wanted to be in business together. Keiley started this thing a few years back so her name gets to go first in the branding, but both of us work as full time photographers and videographers. We share in the responsibility of our business. This is why we give a discount to on our Photography + Videography packages. We would rather work with each other while we shoot your wedding!


Keiley Michelle Mckean

Photographer, Editor, Big Baller

Hey there, I’m Keiley and I think describing who I am is kind of weird?  Like do I really even know who I am?

Well I love iced coffee, trips to Target, and on Wednesdays I wear pink…oh wait I’m describing you too, aren’t I?  lol I’m crazy about Disney, fresh air and sunshine are therapeutic, and quietly listening to other peoples conversations at coffee shops is a hobby of mine.  I’m super festive, obsessed with colorful flowers, and I really love my minivan.  I can’t sit at your lunch table now, huh?  Lol


Kyle merle Mckean

Photographer, Videographer, Shot Caller

Whats going on. I’m Kyle and I have never met a stranger. I am a big picture kind of person, so if you ask me to go into the pantry and get the cinnamon for the cookies you’re baking, you might end up with cumin flavored cookies. Because that happened one time, while I was thinking of big picture things. I love Texas Longhorns Football, watching people make street food on youtube, and eating pie. My favorite book genre is fantasy, I.E. “Lord of the Rings,” “Wheel of Time” etc. And I waste too much time solving non existent problems for others in my head.