Do you travel +


Do you charge travel fees +

Only if your event takes place outside the state of Arkansas, or your wedding has special details that would require us to stay overnight.

Do you always shoot as a couple +

No, we wish we could always shoot as a couple, but we both have responsibilities within our business that don't always allow us to be on location together.

How many images will I recieve +

More than enough. Trust us we want to give you everything we can, and we are professionals at culling and selecting the best images.

Do you give raw images +

No, we do not deliver raw unedited files, as they are not a complete representation of our work. The editing process for us is just as much apart of the photography, and without it, it does not represent our brand.

How long will it take to recieve my photos +

We reserve 6 to 8 weeks after the event, before you recieve your photos or video, but we do posts sneaks!

Do you help with photography/videography timeline planning +

Absolutely! We know how difficult planning a wedding is, and we want to help in every way that we can to maximize your special day!

Do I get to choose the music for my wedding film +

We take the time to get a feel for you as a couple, and select music based off of you and the direction the film takes us. Kyle has about a decade of experience playing live music and has a fantastic ear for quality songs. We fully licensed the music added to your film, but not all songs are eligible for licensing.

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